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How do I access a VPN-Connection to the PFH-Göttingen ? (Windows)
Last Updated 8 months ago

Step 1: Download the software and certificates:

The client for the installation of OpenVPN can be found at: or register at

There select the following options: "Teaching material", "Statistics software" and then go to the option "VPN Software Windows".

Then select the option "Download new certificate" which will be needed later to set up the connection.

Having arrived at the OpenVPN page, we click on the openvpn.exe and download the software.

Step 2: Install and set up the software:

Once we have downloaded the client, we execute the following file in the "Downloads" folder by double-clicking on it.

Then we start the installation by double-clicking on the Tunnelblick icon.

In the following window start the installation by clicking on "Next".

In the next window choose a path where to install the software. This path will be needed later to insert the certificates.

Once the path has been selected, proceed with the installation.

Windows will ask whether to install the device software. There choose the option "Install".

Then confirmed the whole installation again and click on "Finish".

Step 3: Insert certificates and start the software:

The certificates are unpacked under the folder "Downloads" by a right click and the option "Extract all". After that there is a new folder where the required files are located.

Now copy the files into the Configuration folder which is found in the installation path of the software.

If the files are copied start the OpenVPN connection.

Important! Start the program as administrator!

To do this click right on the file and go to "Run as administrator".

Now the software is started. Find the OpenVPN icon at the bottom right of the taskbar. There connect to the VPN with a right click.

Once we have everything properly installed and set up, the connection should run smoothly and we should receive a notification that we are now connected.

If we want to disconnect the connection again, we go again with a right click on the icon and go to the option "Disconnect".

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